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CAO Colombia Bogota

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Cigar fra Nicaragua



CAO Colombia cigars are a multinational blend of rare Columbian, Nicaraguan, and Cameroon tobaccos. The binder is Cameroon, the filler is Columbia Brazillian Mata Fina, also called an Ice Mazinga. This particular tobacco is grown in a remote mountainous region of Colombia near the Carribbean coast and has been meticulously attended to by local farmers in the region. Both binder and filler are wrapped together with a light Nicaraguan Jamastran leaf. This combination produces a uniquely mellow range of flavors including coffee and nuts with a slightly sweet undertone. The CAO Colombia is a mild to medium bodied smoke that is flawless in appearance and is a brilliant smoke.

Type: Toro

Længde : 152 mm.
Diameter: 23 mm.
Styrke : *** (hvor * er det mildeste og ***** er det kraftigste)

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