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M by Macanudo Dark Corona

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Cigar fra Nicaragua



The evolution of Macanudo continues with M, the brand’s first flavor-infused cigar. With sophisticated nuances of gourmet coffee, this aromatic cigar also features notes of cedar, earth and spice. Crafted with only the finest, hand-selected leaves, M offers a silky Indonesian Besuki wrapper, Philippine binder and blend of Nicaraguan and other fine tobaccos. The result is a smooth, creamy cigar that retains a medium-bodied edge.


If you’re not usually a fan of infused cigars we think you’ll be delightfully surprised by M by Macanudo Corona Extra, especially if you like pairing cigars with coffee like so many of us do.


Anything you might pour into your favorite java, such as Irish cream or whiskey, orange liquor, amaretto, or a fine Cognac will all serve as excellent companions to this delectable treat when sipped neat or over ice. MMMMM…Is your mouth watering too?


Type: Dark Corona Extra

Længde : 152 mm
Diameter: 17 mm.
Styrke : ** (hvor * er det mildeste og ***** er det kraftigste)


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