Oprettet tirsdag 13 marts, 2018.

Maduro - Robert Mc Connell


50 g i dåse


Levering 1 – 5 hverdage
Mørk moden Virginia og Carolina - langsomt brændende. Mild

Shiny dark, sinister looking but sweet smoking and with pure white ash, this blend qualifies the work of the real master craftsman.
No other blend requires the patience and skill necessary to arrive at such a superb result.
Deriving from the maritime method of "Carottes", this blend of choice Carolina Mottled and Virginia Leaf is first subjected to full pressure and heat for over a week to obtain the dark brown colouring, the 15lb. blocks being turned each day to ensure full baking.
Mild smoking and long lasting this tobacco has a firm following who will smoke no other.


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