Saint Luis Rey Regios

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Created in the mid 1950s by two British importers, these outstanding cigars enjoy a loyal following which included some famous names like Frank Sinatra and James Coburn. Only 60,000 cigars are produced each year, and they are among the very best Havanas available on the market. Special characteristics of the brand include their oily, dark, smooth wrappers, a very full bodied, highly-refined flavor, and superb aroma. They represent an excellent value as they tend to be somewhat less expensive than cigars of comparable quality and prestige. Make special note of the Saint Luis Rey label which is red with white and gold. These must never be confused with the black-labeled San Luis Rey, which is a Cuban-made brand for the German market. Some Saint Luis Reys are actually machine made in Germany for the mass market. Their black labels bear an emblem not dissimilar to the superior Saint Luis Reys.      

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Saint Luis Rey