Trinidad Robustos Extra 2020 (travel humidor med 14 cigarer)

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The Trinidad Robustos Extra Travel Humidor – containing 14 Habanos – is elegant and practical, and is specially designed to be the perfect travel accessory for the Habanos enthusiasts. In addition, the Humidor complements the unique Trinidad flavour, sought after by smokers who prefer a medium-strength blend and heavy ring gauge Habanos.

It should not be forgotten that the Trinidad name is a tribute to the town established in Cuba in 1514, called Santísima Trinidad, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Trinidad’s origins as a Habanos brand date back to 1969; as with the Cohiba brand it was only used for many years as a state gift for high-ranking foreign dignitaries. It was in 1998 that this brand was finally made available to smokers around the world, but in very limited quantities.